Executive Director

Matthew Wiggins,
Certified Addiction Specialist

Matthew Wiggins, Certified Addiction Specialist, Executive Director
Matthew Wiggins, Certified Addiction Specialist
Executive Director

After beating his own addiction to drugs and alcohol, Matthew made it his life’s calling to help others free themselves from the grip of addiction. Matthew Wiggins has been working in the addiction field for over 15 years and joined staff at Narconon Colorado in 2008.

In Matthew’s own words, he knows what it feels like to lose everything that’s important to you, so the most important thing is to help people get their lives back.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Matthew maintains his hometown spirit in Colorado.

Matthew is a State of Colorado Certified Addiction Specialist and utilizes his education, knowledge and years of experience to direct the daily functioning of the center and to ensure each student gets the most thorough and professionally done rehabilitation program possible.

The slogan of the Narconon program is “Be Drug Free. For Good.” And Matthew goes above and beyond to help get as many people as possible off of drugs and alcohol and onto a better path in life where they can be positive, contributing members of society.