10 Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

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When it comes to addiction treatment there are many reasons why a residential program is a good way to go.

1. Time to focus on yourself.

Attending a residential program gives a person time to disconnect from all of their other obligations in order to truly focus on themselves. This is an extremely beneficial opportunity for someone to really work on what has gone wrong in their life. By having the time to focus 100% on one’s addiction and life, a person is better equipped to fully handle their problems.

2. Time away from negative influences.

Getting away from people who are drinking or using drugs is an important part of addiction recovery. This can be really difficult to do in the early stages of sobriety. Residential treatment provides the chance to get away from negative influences and the time to work on the skills that are needed to stay away from them after treatment.

3. A safe environment to detox.

Going through withdrawal can be a difficult process. By having the chance to detox in a safe environment with trained staff to help you through it, the chances of successfully getting off drugs increases. It is important to realize that detoxing is only the first step towards a life of recovery and shouldn’t be treated as the only step. Without doing the necessary work to remain sober after detoxing, the chances for continued success are not as high.

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4. Being around other people who understand what you are going through.

Drug addiction is hard to understand for those who haven’t experienced it themselves. It can be especially difficult for family members who have never struggled with addiction to be able to understand what their loved ones are going through. This is why being able to talk with other people who are going through the same thing can be helpful.

5. Getting professional help.

When it comes to getting professional help for any other sort of medical condition most people don’t think twice. An addiction is a serious condition that affects a person physically, mentally and emotionally. It impacts every area of their life. When taking this into consideration it becomes clear why a person would benefit from receiving some form of professional help to get better.

6. Structure.

A residential program will help a person establish healthy habits and routines that will enable them to make positive lifestyle changes. When a person is caught up in active addiction, the structure in their life will begin to fall apart. It is helpful to stay busy early on in the recovery process and to work on establishing a productive schedule.

7. Accountability and support.

Having the support of trained professionals along with peers who are going through similar situations can make a huge difference in the recovery process. Staying in a residential setting also provides the added benefit of accountability.

8. Time to heal.

Addiction causes a lot of pain for both the addict and the people closest to them. Time spent in treatment provides the opportunity to work on and heal past hurts for everyone involved. Sometimes a little time and space are the best things you can give to someone.

9. Living in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

The residential treatment setting removes the constant temptation of going to the liquor store or swinging by a dealer’s place to pick up drugs. Cravings in early recovery can be difficult to work through but they are even harder to deal with when drugs and alcohol are readily available. By being in a sober and supportive environment a person has a much better chance to get through those early days.

10. Continued support after completion.

A good program will provide some form of graduate support after treatment. Sometimes this will take the form of follow up meetings or phone calls with staff members. An aftercare program provides a lifeline to people while they are navigating their way through the transitional period after residential treatment.

When done intentionally and correctly, residential addiction treatment provides the opportunity to build a solid foundation for a life of recovery.



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.