Addressing Multiple Aspects of Addiction Recovery

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Addiction impacts every area of a person’s life and because of that in order to be successful addiction recovery needs to address all of those areas. That is why the Narconon program has different phases designed to work on the physical, mental and emotional parts of each person.

During the New Life Detox portion of the Narconon program, we work on helping people begin to feel better physically. Establishing the routine of exercising, taking vitamins and developing a productive personal schedule helps to lay the foundation for success.

“Some wins that I have achieved during Sauna were getting up and out of bed at 7:00 AM every day, I felt very stable in having a routine schedule. I began to exercise regularly, as well as taking all my daily vitamins to make sure my body was detoxing properly. Completing all the sessions in this part of the program has shown me that you can push through anything no matter how difficult or stressful the situation may be. I have now been sober for 31 days and I feel great!” —Brandon M.

The Objectives portion of the Narconon program not only provides the opportunity for self-growth as well as the development of life skills. Among many other things, this part of the program requires people to develop their communication skills and their ability to work with another person.

“Objectives, at times seemed very strenuous and definitely tested my patience, but I know that I did get wins out of it. I learned teamwork and how to get things accomplished with another individual. I also learned how to better communicate what I am thinking and feeling while maintaining eye contact. Objectives helped me with my self-restraint and handling my emotions. I’ve noticed that my concentration has improved as well.” —Dan W.

Sometimes it is easy for people to get hung up on past misdeeds which in turn has a negative impact on a person’s present. By confronting the past and taking responsibility for past transgressions a person is able to learn from their mistakes and move forward with their lives. This is a major aspect of what the Personal Values Course is all about.

“I have been able to redirect my thoughts of my near future by clearing out my “closet.” It has given me the ability to focus on what I need to do now to get to where I am going to need and want to be.”—Jeremy J.

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