I Cannot Wait to Embrace All Life Has to Offer

Narconon Colorado Graduate Katie

My life before drugs was amazing and very memorable. I loved, I lived, and I laughed. Then I started using drugs and I lost more than I could ever imagine. I lost my ability to live a full life. I felt nothing and I was always sick, I lost my pride and any ability to feel. I lost my way and so many great relationships were destroyed in the process. Prior to drugs, my mother was my best friend but when I started using drugs, she stopped trusting and respecting me. My brother and I had been so close and he couldn’t even stand to look at me. I lost my youngest son to his father and I could only speak to him by phone.

Eventually, I decided that I enough was enough. I was done with drugs and the lifestyle so I started calling rehabs. I decided that Narconon was the perfect place for me. This program is amazing, to say the least. Narconon believed I was a life worth saving even when I had lost all hope and belief in myself.

Five minutes after I arrived, I figured that I was about to embark on one of the hardest journeys I would ever face in my life and I started to panic. Many thoughts started to race through my mind. Could I really do this? Did I make the right decision? Just as the seeds of doubt were growing more and more, I met the withdrawal staff.

First I met James—and I’m not really sure how—but his smile, kindness, and “realness” gave me a great sense of calm. My anxiety started to slowly fade away. Still a little stressed, I met Jess and Jim and it got better, easier. When they talked to me, they made me feel like someone truly cared about my life. It was at that moment I agreed to pour all I have in me into completing this program. As each day went by, the amazing staff helped me to see that my life truly mattered and that I had a purpose. They reminded me that they were here for me every step of the way and I no longer felt so alone. For that, I will always be grateful.

The first ten days were rough, I won’t sugar coat that. It would have felt impossible if not for the staff. I got to meet some amazing people who helped me stay at peace and some of them are now my best friends. I started to eat, I started to sleep and I started to feel human again. For all these reasons, I decided I wanted to be nowhere else than where I was.

One of my biggest wins was that I started to care about someone other than myself. I started to enjoy having an open mind and hearing other people instead of being so closed-minded. Another big win for me was communication. I started to enjoy talking to people and I stopped shutting myself off from the world. Another major win was that I learned how to be in the present moment and I no longer lived in my negative past. I learned to confront the world and enjoy life’s simple pleasures and my perceptions changed in a big way for the better.

“I’m so excited to graduate because I feel Narconon has taught me all the tools I need to live and enjoy life again. I now know who I am as a person and the sky is the limit.”

The program helped me to see how drugs had all but destroyed myself and my family and how drugs make you lose yourself with no light at the end of the tunnel. This program taught me how to be able to live a happy life and deal with things. It showed me that everything I thought was okay actually wasn’t and that I never want to do drugs again.

I’m so excited to graduate because I feel Narconon has taught me all the tools I need to live and enjoy life again. I now know who I am as a person and the sky is the limit.

The only sad thing is that because I feel like everyone here has become a second family to me, I will miss them greatly.

I’m looking forward to living my life to the fullest and enjoying time with my family and rebuilding the relationships with my kids. Honesty and trust and communication is what has helped the relationship with my family repair itself. We are open with each other now and we are starting to enjoy each other’s company again. I love life now and I can’t wait to embrace all it has to offer.

Narconon Colorado Graduate: Katie



After overcoming her own addiction in 2012 Julie went on to become certified as an addiction counselor in order to help others achieve a life of recovery. She worked in the addiction field for 8 years and now uses both her personal and professional experiences with addiction as an influence for her writing.