I Feel Confident I Can Stay Sober For Life

Lindsey—Narconon Colorado Graduate.

“I have successfully completed the program at Narconon. I made it through withdrawal which helped me restore all the vitamins and nutrients that I had lost during my addiction to many things. Then I went sauna which detoxed my body from all the bad toxins that I had stored up. I then went on to objectives which helped me control my mind, body and gain confidence in myself. Then I went on to the Life Skills Courses, in the Ups and Downs course, I learned to tell the difference between anti-social and social personalities. I was able to get things off of my chest by writing them down in the Personal Values course. Lastly, I was able to plan my way after the program. I feel confident that all of this will help me remain sober for life.”

Linsey—Narconon Colorado Graduate



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.