I’m Going to Leave Here a Whole New Me with a Completely Changed Life!

Manique - Narconon Colorado graduate.

“When I first got here, I came from being homeless on the streets. I only came so I would be allowed to live with my dad again because that was his condition. I didn’t come here because I felt that I needed help at all, but somewhere along the way I wasn’t doing it for anyone else anymore, I was doing it was for me.

”Going into withdrawal I was shy, I didn’t think I would open up at all. I was afraid to talk about what I had done and been through. By the time I was out of withdrawal I had openly talked with the staff about my life and what I had done to get me here. It was a relief to come out of my shell.

”Sauna really helped me gain a lot of clarity, physically and mentally. I started remembering and feeling things again. Both my body and mind felt healthier than they had been. During course I was very standoffish and aggressive. I refused to do my training drill because I felt they were ridiculously pointless. After doing the training drills I began to realize I was calming down a lot. I found it much easier to control myself and I learned to communicate better.

”When I first started the objectives, I was still having some problems with my temper. However, through the objectives, I was able to learn some tools to use to help me not become so worked up over the small things. I was able to learn a lot about myself while doing this. I now live in the present moment and can let go of the past. In the future, I can tell the difference between people I should and shouldn’t be around, thanks to the ups and downs part of the program. They taught me a lot about choosing my friends and recognizing healthy and unhealthy people.

Doing personal values was by far the part of the program I got the most out of. At first, I had struggled with facing all of the things I had done in the past. During my first couple of hours of writing about my drug use, I had cravings. By the end of it, I realized I was able to think about my drug use without having any cravings. Once that happened I was easily able to face and accept my faults and recognize my mistakes.

Changing conditions helped me plan for my life outside of the Narconon program. It showed me some steps I can take to remain happy and rebuild healthy relationships with the ones I love. Overall, I have gained so much from coming to Narconon. I never thought I would actually complete the program. After one hundred and eleven days, I’m graduating! I’m leaving here with a home to go to, mended relationships with my family and I’m happier and healthier than I have ever been. I’m going to leave here a whole new me with a completely changed life.”

Monique, Narconon Colorado Graduate



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.