I’ve Overcome My Worst Fear

Narconon Colorado Graduate Scott
Narconon Colorado Graduate Scott

The best thing about working at an addiction rehabilitation center is helping people to get over adversity and regain control of their lives.

Here’s what a couple of those people have to say:

“In my time here at Narconon, I was able to overcome my worst fear—I was able to quit drinking alcohol. This is something I have tried unsuccessfully to do many times before. At Narconon, I was able to detox from alcohol DRUG-FREE and without having to go to the hospital or having seizures.

“I also learned to love myself and I’m very excited to start my new life being sober and to share the new me with my family and loved ones!”

—Narconon Colorado Graduate—Scott

“What I have gained here is that I have gotten my self-respect back and I know that taking care of myself is vital. I have also found that there are a lot more people who care about me than I ever realized and that’s a wonderful feeling!

“Gaining the knowledge I need to live a happy life is a great start in my sober state and while using that knowledge on a daily basis—and growing from it—is a big job, I’m ready to move forward.”

—Narconon Colorado Graduate—Ron



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.