Looking Forward to a New Life

Nancy—Narconon Colorado

“It seems like I got here a long time ago which I did, but it’s nothing in the span of my life so far and also into my future. I never thought I would get through withdrawal, let alone sleep again. Now I am happy to say that I get about ten hours of sleep a night.

The sauna was so hot but I actually loved it. The days went by so fast, I enjoyed taking naps on the couch in the coed lounge. After the sauna, I joined the course room where I started the be there’s, confronts and training drills. I experienced a meltdown when I began objectives but Don helped me a lot as he talked me through it. Everyone was so wonderful to me during the Life Skills Courses: ups and downs, personal values and changing conditions.

Finally, Krista took me to find a place to live once I graduate. I just know that this place will be perfect. I can’t wait to move however I’ll be so sad the day I leave. The staff here is the most awesome and amazing people that I have ever met in my entire life. Thank you all so much for everything that you have done for me.”

Nancy—Narconon Colorado Graduate



Certified Addiction Counselor and Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.