Looking Forward to a New Life

Nancy—Narconon Colorado

“It seems like I got here a long time ago which I did, but it’s nothing in the span of my life so far and also into my future. I never thought I would get through withdrawal, let alone sleep again. Now I am happy to say that I get about ten hours of sleep a night.

The sauna was so hot but I actually loved it. The days went by so fast, I enjoyed taking naps on the couch in the coed lounge. After the sauna, I joined the course room where I started the be there’s, confronts and training drills. I experienced a meltdown when I began objectives but Don helped me a lot as he talked me through it. Everyone was so wonderful to me during the Life Skills Courses: ups and downs, personal values and changing conditions.

Finally, Krista took me to find a place to live once I graduate. I just know that this place will be perfect. I can’t wait to move however I’ll be so sad the day I leave. The staff here is the most awesome and amazing people that I have ever met in my entire life. Thank you all so much for everything that you have done for me.”

Nancy—Narconon Colorado Graduate



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.