Reaching One Year of Sobriety

Narconon Colorado Graduate Monique

Reaching one year of sobriety takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It isn’t always an easy road but it is well worth the effort. It is amazing how much can change in the course of a year when a person really puts their mind to it. A lot of people think that true recovery isn’t possible but at Narconon Colorado, we are fortunate enough to see people regain control of their lives every day.

Below, one of our graduates shares her inspirational story about not only confronting her addiction but going on to create a better life for herself.

“One year ago today I was at the lowest point of my life. All of my bad decisions had finally caught up with me and I had nothing left—no home to go to, no family to call, no more bridges to burn, and no one left to clean up my mess.

“I was given the option to either continue life on the streets doing anything I could to get my fix every day or go to rehab and prove to the people who loved me and to myself that I was ready to come home and that I could give up the drugs. A year ago, I made the choice to get on a plane to Colorado and check in to rehab.

Narconon Colorado Graduate Monique with her family

“In the months I spent there I learned a lot about the person I was, and most importantly I learned a lot about how to become the person I wanted to be. I remember being so terrified when I got out. I was afraid that I’d start craving now that I had my freedom back and wouldn’t be able to resist the urge. I was afraid that my family wouldn’t be able to forgive me for all that I’d done and afraid that, even though I’d found sobriety and made my way back home, it wouldn’t be enough and I’d still feel the emptiness that led me to drugs in the first place.

“For the first time in my life,
I’m truly happy.”

“I never imagined that my life would change so drastically in the course of a year. I’ve been home since December now and I am no longer homeless. I have a regular job and a car. I’ve been clean for a year, and I’m constantly surrounded by family and friends who love me and support me in anything I do. For the first time in my life, I’m truly happy.

“I’m feeling a little emotional thinking about it all today and I just want to thank everyone who helped me find my way back and all those who saw me during the bad times and are still here now.

“I especially want to thank the people at Narconon for the way they believed in me and never let me give up and just leave no matter how many times I tried to. The consistency and support you all showed me has truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful.”

Narconon Colorado Graduate: Monique



After overcoming her own addiction in 2012 Julie went on to become certified as an addiction counselor in order to help others achieve a life of recovery. She worked in the addiction field for 8 years and now uses both her personal and professional experiences with addiction as an influence for her writing.