What I’ve Learned

Narconon Colorado Graduate Blake

“In withdrawal, I got my system clean, my withdrawal symptoms over with and began thinking clearly.

“In the sauna, I started feeling better and I even gained weight (20 pounds). I started to look healthier as I was sweating out all the toxins from my body. I was starting to get in better shape and better peace of mind.

“Now I plan to be sober myself and not for anyone else…”

In course, I learned to be there and confront comfortably. I learned a lot about myself through realizations. I learned that I had really hurt a lot of people in my life by using drugs. I learned not to quit or give up even when I felt like things sucked at times. I learned to analyze people in my life who I can and can’t be around. If I get rid of the bad things and people in my life it opens me up to be free. I learned how to apply formulas to people and things in my life. I am accountable for my actions! Now I plan to be sober myself and not for anyone else.”

Blake—Narconon Colorado Graduate



Certified Addiction Counselor and Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.