A Second Chance at Life

Narconon Colorado Graduate Brennan

No one plans on becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. It can actually happen pretty quickly and rather easily. Oftentimes substance abuse starts out as something that someone participates in to relax and have a good time. Unfortunately, it can quickly spiral out of control and result in consequences that a person would never have intended on happening. Thankfully, the sooner a person begins to address these sorts of problems in their life, the less time there will be for things to escalate further than they already have.

What many people fail to realize is that going to rehab is an opportunity to change the course of a person’s life. For many people, it is the turning point where they are able to clean up and rebuild what addiction tore apart. When a person is able to realize that addiction treatment is an opportunity, not a punishment, the possibilities are endless in regards to what they are able to accomplish.

“Narconon Colorado was a second chance at life for me. Before coming here, I was on a decent path in life, I was in college and making good grades. There was one thing standing in the way of my success and that was drugs. I knew it was dragging me down and preventing me from reaching my full potential, but I didn’t really care because I was having fun. It eventually led to some catastrophic events that I thought had ruined my chance at a normal life. After everything had settled, I came to Narconon.

”When I was leaving home, I told all my family and loved ones that I was going to come here with a positive and open mind. I was determined to get the most out of my time here. In preparation for this, I bought many books to study while being here. I also made a promise to myself that I was going to come out of here a better person. After going through everything the program at Narconon offered, I felt as though I had kept that promise I made to myself.

“I have not only made a positive change in my life,
but in others’ lives as well.”

”I can honestly say that I no longer have any desire to use drugs. I have not only made a positive change in my life, but in others’ lives as well. I feel as though I became the person everyone had always seen in me. I now look forward to the future and accomplishing all the goals I set for myself. When I look back on my time here at Narconon, I will think about how this was where my life turned around and I became the man I am today.”

Narconon Colorado Graduate: Brennan

And another success from a student who is progressing through the program:

“I’ve had two successes this week. First, I finally decided that I am done fighting this program—and myself. I am excited about growing and changing through this program. After weeks, I finally accepted that I’m in rehab and that I was addicted to drugs. I deserve a healthy, happy, sober life. My second success is that I’m starting to see a lot of change in myself and I’m starting to love and accept myself more and more, every day.”

Narconon Colorado Student: Hannah



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.