Benefits of Objectives

Girl looking out

The Objectives Course can be a challenging section of the Narconon Program and at the same time can be very beneficial. One of the most common benefits reported from the Objectives course is the way it can help ground a person into the present. A common trigger for cravings is thinking about past mistakes or misfortunes. When a person becomes trapped thinking about these things, it can cause them to want to use in order to escape the uncomfortable feelings these thoughts produce. By learning to become fully present in the here a now, a person becomes much more adept at coping with everyday struggles. Another added benefit of focusing on the present is the ability to fully enjoy life as it is happening instead of focusing on the past or worrying about the future.

“I learned a lot in the Objectives course. Objectives helped me way more than I expected. They helped me realize so much about myself and they really helped me get out of my head and into present time. I think taking Objectives seriously helped me the most because if I wouldn’t have taken them seriously, I wouldn’t have gotten the most benefit out of them and I feel like I benefited from them a lot.”

— Hannah C.



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.