I’ve Learned I Can Face Anything

Narconon Colorado Graduate: Brandon

“I arrived here at Narconon Colorado—A Life Worth Saving on September 2nd, 2018 at 11:45 pm not knowing what I was in for. When I arrived I was very drunk and high on cocaine. As I walked through the front door I had no idea what was in store for me and remembered feeling scared. My anxiety was shooting through the roof as my world began to close in all around me.

”Back in withdrawal I woke up my first morning and had realized what I had done. Coming in so drunk and high, it took me a minute to stare around the tiny room and realize that this was very real and I was in rehab. Spending the next five nights in withdrawal for me was the hardest part of my program. I remained there until I was completely clean and sober of alcohol and cocaine. My first win in my program was my first day being 100% sober. It taught me that I can face anything no matter how difficult or tough it is.

”I figured nothing could be as hard or worse as withdrawal, so The New Life Detox (sauna) to me was a big relief and I was ready for it. During my sauna program, I realized that I could really push myself to the limits for running on the elliptical for 25 minutes and close to 2 miles every morning. This was a huge win for me as I thought that it would be really hard. In sauna is where I completely detoxified myself of all the substances that I had been putting into my body over the last 10 years. Slowly as the days went by I regained my health, my body and began to feel like a new person. I was then able to get a full night of sleep, which is something I hadn’t been able to do in many years. I completed the sauna portion of the program in 24 days.

”While studying, I learned that I could actually sit peacefully and comfortably in a relaxed state of mind while facing my twin [another student you are partnered with to get through the study steps of the program]. This was another huge win for me. I also discovered that I could do this as well with my eyes open confronting my twin. I completed all 12 training drills in 15 days, I was impressed.

“I learned so much during The Objectives and really found out who I am as a person. I have learned how to positively manage my anger without having any cravings. Objectives for me was a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions. From being sad, happy angry and frustrated but most importantly I learned to regain my ability in a controlled and happy state of mind.

”Now I was ready to move on to Life Skills. I started off with my first book of Overcoming Ups and Downs. Here I learned how to analyze people in my life to see if they are positive or negative influences that will impact my life. This was a huge win for me because this will be my solid foundation to remaining sober. By selecting those who will only be a positive influence in my life and remain in it.

“Narconon has helped me build a solid foundation to become a stronger and much more independent person…”

“Personal Values was the second hardest part of my program. During this time I broke down all aspects of my life to examine it closely. I discovered so many mixed emotions while writing my overts and withholds on my life. There was minor depression, guilt, a lot of sadness and hurt feelings. It was very hard for me to go back to my life and confront all the wrong and bad choices that I have committed throughout my life. I felt like I was reliving the exact moments and felt crushed, but I was strong enough to endure it thanks to what I have learned at Narconon. Narconon has helped me build a solid foundation to become a stronger and much more independent person. This by far was the biggest win during my program— confronting my life.

”Changing conditions was my last step before I set sail on my new journey to a sober life. Here I gained the ability to make up damage and repair relationships with my loved ones. I have learned a way to live my life sober. Narconon has helped me get through the hardest and darkest times in my life. I never thought I could do this and be happy about it. This place has, in fact, proved me wrong and has proved and shown me that there is more to life than ruining it with drugs and alcohol.

”So I owe a huge thank you to all the staff here at Narconon, I could not have done this alone or without you guys. Thank you very much and I am proud to say that I am a successful graduate.”

—Brandon, Narconon Colorado Graduate



Certified Addiction Counselor and Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.