An Important Step in Improving Family Relationships

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It is well known that an addiction negatively effects the people around the addict, especially those who love them the most. A person with an addiction does not necessarily do things to intentionally hurt their families, it is unfortunately just an unavoidable side effect of substance abuse. An important part of the Personal Values course involves looking at the ways substance abuse has impacted a family in order to work on healing these past hurts.

Taking responsibility for past transgressions towards one’s family is an important step needed to rebuild and improve the relationships that were strained from an addiction.

“I was able to recognize my mistakes to my family. I know the pain and the hurt I’ve caused them. I was such a different person on drugs, a dishonest one. I carried that guilt with me, but writing about my harmful acts against my family helped lift that weight off of my shoulders.”

—Makani B.



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.