How Drug Use Can Affect Others

Pensive woman

While they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people often make decisions they otherwise would not make. One of the most potentially destructive choices made is the decision to drive under the influence. When a person is clearheaded, they know this, but while under the influence, rational thinking often goes out the window.

By taking a look back at these past choices objectively, one is able to see the effect that they had on others. A large portion of the Personal Values Course is set aside to do just that. The purpose of this is not to make someone feel bad about themselves, but rather to see the ramifications of these actions and to provide a catalyst for future change.

I know that doing drugs in public doesn’t just affect me. I could have hurt or killed someone driving intoxicated or hurt myself. I now know that I can be productive in society.”

—Payton C.



Staff Member at Narconon Colorado.