New Jersey Drug Dealer Arrested for Selling ‘Corona Virus’ Brand Heroin

Arrested drug dealer

I was almost waiting for this headline to show up. Unfortunately, during this time of societal panic caused by the COVID-19 virus, people are going to take advantage of and make a mockery of the whole thing. Trust me, this is no laughing matter. I figured at some point, some way, drug dealers were either going to profit from the pandemic or make it into some sort of branding for their specific drug supply, and that seems to be exactly what’s happened.

A drug dealer in Paterson, New Jersey was arrested last week after being caught selling heroin in stamped baggies that said “Corona Virus” on them. The 53-year-old alleged dealer is now facing multiple drug charges.

So, the Coronavirus is taking lives in two different ways. Obviously the first way is that people who are more susceptible to illness and infection are dying as a result of complications from having contracted the disease. The other way the Coronavirus pandemic is killing people is within the sub-set of society that’s addicted to drugs. Drug users and those who are addicted to substances aren’t staying home and obeying the self-quarantine orders. It’s pretty hard to control yourself when the withdrawal kicks in, your stomach cramps, and your cravings begin to eat away at you. Many users are out and about meeting up with their dealers, driving around downtown to find someone who’s “holding,” and definitely not keeping their personal hygiene at the top of their list of priorities. Despite the current health crisis, the main priority remains to stave off the withdrawals for another few hours, all day, every day.

Addicts already commonly place themselves in dangerous situations as a result of their drug use. Put that on top of the constant possibility of contracting a known, deadly disease and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. People are losing their lives not only to Coronavirus, but as that pandemic trudges along, addicts are still dying at an alarming rate, and drug dealers are cashing in on the widespread panic and almost using the Coronavirus outbreak to forward their agenda of getting as many drugs into the hands of drug users as possible.

The country is pretty twisted up right now. Obviously, the Coronavirus situation is awful, but it’s fanning the already burning flames of the drug crisis so much so that not many people are looking for drug rehab at this point. Attention is being smeared all over the place from governmental conspiracies to the fear of getting sick, quarantine orders, and travel bans. It seems drug treatment has been put on the backburner for now.

I do know one thing; once the dust settles and the Coronavirus pandemic slows down to being a mere memory, there will be a horde of drug users who will desperately need help, and if one thing is for absolutely sure, I’ll be here to help them. No matter what happens in our world, addiction will forever be my number one enemy and I’ll never stop fighting it.

Join me.

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Jason Good

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