Steps Towards a Sober Life

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It is inspiring to see the different wins that our students get while getting through the Narconon Program. From Mackenzie’s success story upon her completion of the Withdrawal Step to Bryan’s success story of completing the entire program, the accomplishments may vary but the end goal is always the same: a drug-free life!

“In the 5 days since quitting drugs at first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. The first 3 days were rough. Not feeling well, being in a new place, not being able to really do much for myself, but on day 4, I woke up feeling like a new woman. By day four I was finally getting my independence back. Sleep is a hot commodity and I’ve slowly gotten more of, and in only five days, I feel my old self coming back!!!! That, for me, is the biggest win of them all. I’ve got a spring in my step, and light back in my eyes. I’ve regained my motivation and really proved to myself that I CAN do this. I’m getting back to my old self, and I’m coming home, no more wandering around lost in life. So here’s to all my wins these last few days! One BIG step for me, and one huge step for getting my life back, and I couldn’t be more excited.”
—Mackenzie P.

“I am very happy with my accomplishments of completing the Narconon Program. I feel I have been given a good number of tools to live a happy and sober life. I am feeling mentally and physically better than I have in a very long time. I have a lot of energy and I am thinking clearly. I was really happy to have a sober place to get my head on straight. It feels good to know I no longer have any drugs or alcohol residuals in my body. I feel good about no longer being stuck in the past and I can now look forward to the present and my future. I now know who is good for my life and who isn’t. I have a much better understanding of who my friends are and who I want them to be. I feel a lot better knowing I have a clear conscience and now I can move on with my life on the right path. I am very grateful to the Narconon program for giving me my life back.” —Bryan C. 

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Glen Petcavage

Certified Addiction Counselor and Executive Director of Narconon Colorado.