Jason Good in Addiction
October 8, 2020

Addicts Should Be Helped

Just as the title of this article says, addicts should be helped. Too often I look through social media articles about addiction, only to read the comments section and find myself appalled at what some people are writing.


Julie in Addiction
November 14, 2018

Building Up the Courage to Confront a Loved One About Their Addiction

In the addiction field, we hear about it all the time. Family members who are worried about their loved ones but they aren’t sure how to confront them about the problem.


Kyle in Addiction
November 13, 2018

Avoiding Rehab: Why Men and Women Refuse Help

“My loved one is homeless, underweight unemployed and on the brink of losing not only his sanity but his freedom as well if he does not get help soon. Every time I offer him help he turns me down and has a new excuse for every day of the week!”