I can actually succeed in life

I did really well in high school, graduated with like a 4.0 and I went to college. And then I got pregnant and everything just went downhill from there.

After I had my baby, I started drinking and then I went straight to roxies at around twenty.

It started off slow and it eventually progressed. I started off only doing one or maybe even two a day and then it got to where I was doing about ten a day. At first I was snorting them and then I was shooting them up.

I had to have them to be able to get out of bed or move around. And if I didn’t, I just slept all day or stayed in bed all day or moped around or was really, really, really hostile towards anybody.

I was only thinking about drugs. That’s all I thought about all day and all night except for when I did sleep.

I started dating a guy that was selling them. I had a lot of traffic in and out of my house, like people coming in that I didn’t know at all that he kind of knew and that he didn’t really know. I had an eight-month-old daughter living there, and he would get jumped in front of my house and the cops would get called often. And I couldn’t even take care of my own daughter.

Nobody wanted her around me because I only was doing stuff that—put her in dangerous situations. So anytime I would ever have her, my mom would come pick her up from me.

Once I hit a certain point, I was like, “Okay, things have got to change.”

My older brother was like, “Okay, I’m going to get you help.” And then he went to my parents and then, the next day, I was at Narconon.

When I finished the sauna portion of the program [New Life Detox] I started feeling healthier and eating healthier. And I started being a lot more active, doing things that I could once do and then stopped being able to do and then could do them again.

I’m happier. I feel like I can actually succeed in life compared to when I was going down like a really bad path. I have opportunities now that I didn’t have before and I enjoy my life. I actually love my life. I don’t hate it.

I’m happy to get up every day and start my day in the mornings. And I put a smile on my face because I enjoy everything I do. And I love being a mother. She just started preschool today. Today was her first day.

She told me all about her school. That was nice.

Narconon gave me my life back.

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