Jason Good in News
June 3, 2021

Making Suboxone More Accessible Won’t Fix the Addiction Problem

Find out more about the loosened restrictions on MAT drugs and whether or not this will help fix the addiction problem in the U.S.


Jason Good in Drug Rehab
January 20, 2021

Suboxone: Still A Wonderful Failure

Read more about why medication assisted treatment isn't always the best option for opioid addiction. Opinions on MAT vary, but abstinence-based treatments may be the best bet for long-term sobriety.


Jason Good in Drug Rehab
November 5, 2020

Drug Withdrawal Fears Calmed Without Replacement Drugs

When a drug user has finally had enough of living one high to the next, detox and treatment is the only viable option. The "Catch-22" is that while they need to get off the drugs to save their lives, detoxing is terrifying and seems impossible to do without the help of replacement drugs.


Julie in Addiction
July 25, 2017

Suboxone: A Chemical Prison

Suboxone is often promoted as being the “safe” alternative to opioid and heroin addiction. While it is true that the number of Suboxone overdoses is lower than that of opioids like heroin and Oxycontin; this does not mean that the drug is completely safe.