Jason Good in Family Resources
September 23, 2021

Are You Enabling an Addict?

Enabling a loved one’s addiction is one of the most dangerous things a family can do. Although it can feel like helping, enabling allows a person struggling with substance use to continue their behavior without consequence.


Jason Good in Addiction
October 8, 2020

Addicts Should Be Helped

Just as the title of this article says, addicts should be helped. Too often I look through social media articles about addiction, only to read the comments section and find myself appalled at what some people are writing.


Kyle in Addiction
August 30, 2018

Making the Decision to Do an Intervention

Should I wait for my loved one to ask for help or should I give them an ultimatum and force them to choose between drugs and our family? This is a touchy subject and I will acknowledge right off the bat that there is never a “ones size fits all” answer.