Julie in Addiction
February 2, 2020

Hateful Comments on Social Media Point to An Alarming Trend

I have even seen several comments stating that overdose victims should not be given Narcan anymore in order to “solve the problem.” Has our society really become so cold that so many people would rather stand by and let someone die than give them another chance at life? Since when has this sort of behavior become socially acceptable? Why are people so quick to spew hate on social media?


Jason Good in Addiction
January 3, 2020

U.S. Currently Focused on “VapeGate”: Drug Crisis Is Old News

Lately, all the rage has been about vaping and the recent deaths allegedly caused by vaping. Since the first few cases made it on the news, tons of media outlets have covered the developing story as more and more cases came to light where people got sick and died, again allegedly, due to vaping.


Julie in Addiction
December 27, 2019

What to Do After a Loved One Overdoses

It is nearly impossible to track the total amount of nonfatal drug overdoses because oftentimes they go unreported. There are countless people who have had multiple overdoses over the course of their lifetime. So what are the steps that a person should take if their loved one has overdosed on drugs or alcohol?


Julie in Drug Education
December 6, 2019

The Fourth Wave of the Drug Epidemic Has Hit

By now we pretty much all know the story of the United States addiction epidemic. What started out as a prescription pill problem, morphed into a heroin issue and then a fentanyl crisis. These three overlapping events have often been referred to as the “Three Waves of The United States Opioid Epidemic.” We have now entered into the “Fourth Wave”…